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October 19 2016


I’ve never heard anyone else mention this, but it’s a gameplay detail I discovered as a teenager. I noticed there was an in-game clock, and that the story began at 10PM. The clock ran in real-time. So I wondered what would happen if you let the game run until morning? What happens when the sun comes up? I correctly intuited that they wouldn’t have daytime versions of all of the locations. My guess was that the game would just ignore the clock and that the game would continue with night scenery. It turned out I was wrong.

But finding out was actually kind of difficult. You couldn’t just walk away from the game and come back 8 hours later, because the game randomly pops up messages that would stop the clock. It would tell you how bad your breath was getting, prompting you to use the breath spray object in your inventory. These messages come up every five minutes or so, meaning you’d have to sit there and hit enter every five minutes for 8 hours straight to keep the clock moving. After some experimenting, I found a situation where the game wouldn’t give you these messages. I know it had something to do with the alley beside Lefty’s Bar. Maybe it was hiding in the dumpster, or maybe it was hanging from the rope on the fire escape[4], but somewhere in that alley was a spot that disabled the breath spray prompts. Once I found that, I let the game run overnight and came back to see the result in the morning.

What happens when the sun comes up? Nothing right away. The game continues to run. But as soon as you walk outside[5] the game ends. Larry realizes that the night has ended and that he’s still a virgin. So he pulls out a gun and blows his brains out. It was a surprisingly dark ending that I’m sure most people never saw.

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January 03 2016

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October 28 2015

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What happened to Rick Astley in 1989?
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September 27 2015

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September 25 2015


September 05 2015

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August 31 2015

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June 14 2015

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June 03 2015

It looks like season 5 Tyrion.

May 27 2015

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April 17 2015

March 18 2015


December 27 2014

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November 07 2014


October 25 2014

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Yo my name is saad, I don't give a fuck.

October 06 2014

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September 18 2014

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September 12 2014

Classic Nils.
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September 08 2014

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DuckTales Theme Song With Real Ducks
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